Food Waste Challenge Amsterdam

Missed the Food Waste Challenge Amsterdam? No worries! You can join the upcoming challenge in Groot-Bijgaarden August 26th-28th!

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Are you passionate about reducing food waste? Do you want to take concrete action?

The Food Waste Challenge helps you build your social enterprise to reduce food waste in just one day. The event takes place on 10th February in Amsterdam. In the evening there is a networking drink open to everyone. Register now below to take part.

During a whole day, participants are challenged to come up with an innovative start-up idea to reduce food waste. At the end of the day, each team participates in a pitching competition. The winners will present to experts on the meeting of EU FUSIONS on 11th February. Moreover, they will receive a tasty prize! Both parts of the events are free but registration is required.

Food Waste Challenge Amsterdam: build your own startup to reduce food waste!

Food Waste Challenge Amsterdam: build your own startup to reduce food waste!

Programme start-up workshop (8h30-17h) – Sign up now below to take part

Presenting the challenge/opportunity of food waste
Inspiration: presentations of food surplus entrepreneurs
Ideation workshop to shape your idea and form teams
Elaboration of the idea through business model canvas

Networking drink (17h30-20h00) –Sign up now below to take part

Pitching competition
Networking with FUSIONS members
Announcing the winners

Event Summary

What? A full day workshop to help you shape a concrete idea to reduce food waste. Download the full programme here.
Who? People who want to start an own enterprise to reduce food waste
When? 10 February, 8h30 – 20h00
Where? Amsterdam, Meevaart, Balistraat 48-A, 1094 JN Amsterdam
Price? Free, but registration required (cf. form below)

The Food Waste Challenge (10 February) is organized by FSE Network, Taste Before You Waste and EU FUSIONS. FSE Network is the European community of entrepreneurs and changemakers taking action on food waste. Taste Before You Waste raises awareness on food waste by recovering food surplus, cooking with it and redistributing it. EU FUSIONS is the EU project doing research on social innovation and food waste. On 11 February, there will be a (free and open) meeting by EU FUSIONS, gathering experts from across Europe on food waste. More information and registration here.

Participants will be coached by the coolest Food Surplus Entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and beyond. Check them out here.